About AEDC

The African Engineering Deans Council, AEDC is a council whose membership is open to all Deans/Provosts/Rectors of Faculties, Colleges and Schools of Engineering and Technology across the continent of Africa. It was inaugurated on 9th September, 2013 at the University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lagos, Engr Prof Rahamon Ade Bello.

It was founded through the instrumentality of the African Engineering Education Association, AEEA. The AEEA, headed by Engr Prof Funso A. Falade worked hard to see the establishment of AEDC.

When the AEEA had its 5th African Regional Engineering Education Conference in September, 2013 at the University of Lagos, many Deans of Engineering from many African Countries attended the conference. Prof Hans Jurgen Hoyer, the Executive Secretary of the Global Engineering Deans Council, GEDC and the Secretary General of the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies, IFEES came from USA. African Engineering Deans in Diaspora in USA and Europe came to the conference and participated in the inauguration of AEDC.

The Inaugural Meeting of AEDC was held on 9th September, 2013. Two subsequent meetings were held on 10th and 11th September at the same venue to brainstorm to fashion out the aims, organizational structure and set up a protem/steering executive for the council.

The major aims of AEDC include;

1. To advance the frontiers of engineering education in Africa.
2. To facilitate curriculum improvement, update and upgrade
3. To promote capacity building and support advances as well as best practices in teaching, training and learning methods and tools.
4. To serve as a platform for peer review mechanism
5. To provide a platform for collaboration, partnerships and linkages among engineering educators across Africa.
6. To encourage and promote research into new frontiers of knowledge, thereby training African Engineers for global competitiveness.
7. To promote strong and effective Industry-Academia collaboration and partnership
8. To serve as a platform for International as well as Intercontinental collaboration
9. To serve as a voice of advocacy and liaise with African Governments, policy makers and other engineering organisations in advancing engineering education for the growth and development of Africa.
10. To encourage and support the establishment of Engineering Deans Council in each of the counties of Africa.

The AEDC has a President and four Vice-Presidents, in recognition of the five sub-regions of Africa; West, East, Central, North and Southern Africa. The protem executive was led by Engr Prof Omotayo Fakinlede , with Prof(Mrs) Philomina Igbokwe as the protem Secretary-General. There was a change of leadership in December, 2014, with Engr Prof Adagbonyin Obiazi taking over as the AEDC President.

The first GEDC/AEDC Engineering Education Summit was held in Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, AAIT, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Sept 17-18, 2015. It was attended by over 140 Engineering Deans, Professors Educators and Industry Captains from the five sub regions of Africa as well as from USA, Canada, Europe, India, China, Australia, South America and the United Arab Emirates.

The Second AEEA/AEDC Engineering Education Conference/Summit took place at the Central University of Technology, CUT, Bloemfontein, South Africa, September 20-23, 2016.

The 3rd AEDC Engineering Education Summit is slated for July 24-26, 2017 at Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria.